Thursday, 1 August 2013

How to remove red wine on carpet

Red wine on carpetOh no! Not on the carpet!

In this edition of Black Gold Carpet Cleaning news, Yasser Mohamed shares his visit to Nicole's place in Canterbury, Vic. He was called to do general carpet steam cleaning but found more than the average spots and stains.

Nicole had spilt red wine on the carpet over 12 months ago and had not been able to remove it.  Yasser had to call on all his experience, training and just a little magic to help Nicole be rid of this unsightly red wine stain on the carpet.

To read the full article click here How to remove red wine on carpet

For any red or brown stain, time is of the essence, remove excess liquid immediately, gently blot with a clean damp cloth, do not rub. Call Black Gold Carpet Cleaning for their expert advice and service.
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