Tuesday, 4 March 2014

DIY Carpet Cleaning V Professional Carpet Cleaning

What are the true costs?

In this month's blog, Yasser from Black Gold Carpet Cleaning compares the price of hiring DIY machines V hiring a Professional carpet cleaner, as well as the true costs involved.

There is a lot more than price to consider when going down the DIY path when it comes to carpet cleaning.  What about the time and effort involved in picking up and returning the machine?  What about actually operating the machine and the time it takes to set up, fill, empty, clean, repeat?!  What happens if you over wet your carpet or upholstery?

Black Gold Carpet Cleaning has been called to the scene of many DIY carpet cleaning disasters and it is not pretty!  It can also prove to be very costly if you then have to call in a professional to fix the damage or even worse, replace your carpet or couch!

Professional carpet cleaners like Black Gold are not as expensive as you may think - not when you consider the alternatives!! To read the full article please follow DIY Carpet Cleaning, what are the true costs?

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